04/09/2023 Interesting Stuff St Andrew's Church Hall Justin Minns A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps me motivated, the question is what makes an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?
11/09/2023 10 x Secrets of Street Photography St Andrew's Church Hall Simon Ellingsworth
18/09/2023 PDI 1 St Andrew's Church Hall Richard Sharman First PDI Competition
25/09/2023 Working with Textures Zoom Janey Lazenby Answering all the what and how questions, I go through sourcing and creating textures , how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image. After a short mid way break, I invite the club to submit random images for a live edit where I will take between 3-5 images and apply textures from my own stock to create final pieces., narrating every click on route. I believe that seeing the process happen 'for real' is very valuable for viewers. A talk that always goes down well as a hands-on 'how-to', I travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested.
02/10/2023 Arctic Adventures St Andrew's Church Hall Carl Hare (Fujifilm)
09/10/2023 PRINT 1 St Andrew's Church Hall Marcus  Scott-Taggart First Print Competition
16/10/2023 Exhibition Awards Night - Members Evening St Andrew's Church Hall
21/10/2023 SPA AGM and Individual Print & PDI Competitions East Horsley Village Hall A great opportunity to see work from members of other clubs and show off your own images. Entry upload deadline is 30th September. Full details in the link
23/10/2023 TBC Zoom
30/10/2023 Set Subject St Andrew's Church Hall
06/11/2023 Phone Photography Ideas St Andrew's Church Hall Jet Squares WE USED TO HAVE PHONES THAT TOOK PHOTOS.  WE NOW HAVE CAMERAS THAT MAKE PHONE CALLS. If you own a smartphone, then you own a camera, and if you own a camera, you have the tools to create stunning images and video content.  Smartphone photography has gained greater kudos over the last few years, mainly due to the fact that the camera capabilities on phones can now rival DSLRs.  At Jet Black Squares, we give you the skills to utilise your smartphone camera better, and show you how to release its full, photographic potential.  Whether in person or on a virtual, live-stream smartphone photography masterclass, you will be guaranteed to come away with knowing how your camera works better as well as some tips and tricks to get those creative shots. We take the “kit and cost” out of photography making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone
7/11/2023 Concorde Trophy Competition Woking PS Annual competition between Kingston, Guildford, Dorking, Molesey, Malden, Epsom & Cheam clubs. Hosted this year by Woking PS. Each club selects six of its very best prints so some impressive photography on display.
13/11/2023 Festivals. Variations on a Theme. St Andrew's Church Hall Angela Ford ARPS EFIAP/b
18/11/2023 SPA Inter-Club Print Competition TBC Open to all SPA clubs, over 300 prints will be shown across 'open' and 'nature' categories. The winning club represents the SPA at the national level.
20/11/2023 PDI 2 St Andrew's Church Hall Tim Clarke LRPS Second PDI Competition
27/11/2023 Image Analysis Zoom Cat Humphries Photography is both an art and a science. In this talk Cat will be exploring what judges look for when critiquing images, along with our emotional connection and instinctive reactions to photographs, to help us analyse and critique our photos. This is an interactive evening where we all become judges, scoring images online during the Zoom session and reviewing the results together.
04/12/2023 London Theatres talk  St Andrew's Church Hall Peter Dazeley
11/12/2023 PRINT 2 St Andrew's Church Hall Ian Brash Second Print Competition
18/12/2023 Christmas Party St Andrew's Church Hall
25/12/2023 Christmas/New Year Break
02/01/2023 Christmas/New Year Break
08/01/2024 (Even) Better Monochrome St Andrew's Church Hall Simon Street
15/01/2024 PDI 3 St Andrew's Church Hall Niall Ferguson
22/01/2024 Our Open Spaces - the Natural World of South West London St Andrew's Church Hall Andrew Wilson
29/01/2024 TBC Zoom Emily Endean
05/02/2024 PRINT 3 St Andrew's Church Hall Ann Healey
12/02/2024 Understanding Art Photography St Andrew's Church Hall Steve Kingswell
19/02/2024 TBC Zoom Joe Houghton
26/02/2024 AP-S Trophy St Andrew's Church Hall Paul Parkinson
MARCH 2024
04/03/2024 AGM - Members' Evening St Andrew's Church Hall Members Evening
11/03/2024 He Shoots, He Scores St Andrew's Church Hall Andrew Moss How I Shoot Sports Photography That Sometimes Do Well In Club Competitions
18/03/2024 PDI 4 St Andrew's Church Hall Roger Ford
25/03/2024 Boost your creativity using Multiple Exposures Zoom Janina Wilde Janina is a photography educator who specialises in multiple exposure photography. In this talk she will explore images showcasing a variety of genres, such as landscapes, macro subjects, coastal environments and birds. This will prove that this method can work for so many photographers. She'll also show how she's created some of the images.
APRIL 2024
01/04/2024 Easter Monday
08/04/2024 PRINT 4 St Andrew's Church Hall Amanda Wright
15/04/2024 Product / Commercial Photography St Andrew's Church Hall Jon Gray Jon Gray F.B.I.P.P
22/04/2024 Passion For Wildlife Zoom Kevin Pigney
29/04/2024 PDI 5 St Andrew's Church Hall Jay Charnock
MAY 2024
02/05/2024 Members Evening Zoom Tim Morland Post Processing - three ways to participate:1. share the editing of one of your favourite photos;2. offer one of you unprocessed shots to be edited by one of our self-appointed experts; 3. sit back and enjoy the experience.
04/05/2024 Point to Point Racing Godstow Tim Morland
06/05/2024 Bank Holiday
13/05/2024 Members Evening St Andrew's Church Hall
20/05/2024 Urban & Street Photography Zoom Jerry Webb
26/05/2024 Ride London Classique London Tim Morland
27/05/2024 Bank Holiday
June 2024
03/06/2024 PRINT 5 St Andrew's Church Hall Sheena Rogers
10/06/2024 Members Evening St Andrew's Church Hall Members Evening
17/06/2024 Photographing the Urban Landscape  Zoom Dave Dixon
24/06/2024 Best of Season St Andrew's Church Hall Rosemary Wilman
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